• SILHAK Silhak Teachers Picnic 《Summer Vacation Teachers Training》
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak and historic sites
    • Participants/ Teachers in Gyeonggi province
    • Period/ 2018.07.30(Mon) ~ 2018.08.03(Fri)

    Teachers in the Gyeonggi province participate in the Silhak Teachers Picnic for an educational experience about the whole latter half of the Joseon Dynasty and its ideologies, society and culture including the reformed and practical trends of practical science ideas to obtain a variety of data and information related to practical science and use it on-site at schools.

  • NJP international exchange exhibition 《Datumsoria》, 《Edge of Now》 Opening & Artist Talk I, II Close
    • Period/ 2018.07.12(Thu) ~ 2018.07.13(Fri)

    Nam June Paik Art Center holds opening reception and artist talks of the international exchange exhibition Datumsoria and Edge of Now.

  • GGCF Recruiting participants for the 2018 Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus Gyeonggi Life Culture Center Pureun Summer Program
    • Venue/ Life 1980, Gyeonggi Life Culture Center, Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus
    • Period/ 2018.07.01(Sun) ~ 2018.08.31(Fri)

    The Gyeonggi Life Culture Center of Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus is an open cultural space for its inhabitants, and it currently operates various programs (education, workshops, festivals, residencies) for advancements in life culture.

  • GGCF 2018 Gyeonggi Humanities Course Close
    • Venue/ Hwaseong Cultural Center F1, Multipurpose Hall
    • Participants/ Anyone interested in the humanities
    • Period/ 2018.06.19(Tue) ~ 2017.09.04(Mon)

    The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation’s Gyeonggi Institute of Cultural Properties invites you to its locally customized and cultural class, the Gyeonggi Humanities Course.

  • SILHAK 《Silkhak Permanent Picnic》 Meeting The Museum of Silhak through AR
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak lobby
    • Participants/ Preschoolers - elementary school students
    • Period/ 2018.06.01(Fri) ~ 2018.11.30(Fri)

    Dasan’s geojunggi and The Museum of Silhak’s relic, the honcheonui, meet as AR technology. Experience a site where imagination becomes reality!

  • “How I Love the Earth”(5) / Making Tile Art Close
    • Venue/ Education room of Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Period/ 2018.06.14(Thu)

    In the prehistoric age, humans not only lived for survival but also created a variety of artworks to enjoy life. We have prepared a prehistoric art program to show your love of the earth through your own piece of art. what is your way of showing your love for the earth?