• Finding Secrets in the Exhibition Hall (Goryeo Dogyeong: Illustrated Account of Goryeo, a foreigner’s time capsule from 900 years ago)
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Hall, Education Hall, Meeting Room at Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Participants/ Elementary school students and recipients of social welfare
    • Period/ 2018.09.13(Thu) ~ 2018.10.21(Sun)

    The ‘Finding Secrets in the Exhibition Hall’ held for the 2018 Special Museum Day extends its operating hours until the last day of the special exhibition on Goryeo Dogyeong: (Illustrated Account of Goryeo), out of gratitude for your support during the summer vacation period.

  • Symposium in connection with Gyeonggi Provincial Museum’s Special Exhibition on Goryeo Dogyeong (Illustrated Account of Goryeo) Close
    • Venue/ Lecture Hall at Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Participants/ Host, presenters, debaters
    • Period/ 2018.08.24(Fri)

    Symposium in connection with Gyeonggi Provincial Museum’s Special Exhibition on Goryeo Dogyeong (Illustrated Account of Goryeo)

  • 2018 Cultural Properties Experience for Elementary School Students 《Let’s Go! History Explorers》 Close
    • Venue/ Exhibition halls, education room, and conference room, Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Participants/ Class(es) of Elementary school students (grades 4-6)
    • Period/ 2018.04.13(Fri) ~ 2018.06.22(Fri)

    Let’s Go! History Explorers is a program planned to help elementary school students, who are starting to learn about history, to better understand the nation’s history. We hope for your attention and participation.

  • 2018 Mobile Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Venue/ Customized venue, visited by the Gyeonggi Provincial Museum Bus
    • Participants/ Elementary schools with less than 300 students
    • Period/ 2018.04.11(Wed) ~ 2018.11.29(Thu)

    Mobile Gyeonggi Provincial Museum is a program for the residents of Gyeonggi Province who find it difficult to visit the museum due to living far away from the museum or having a tight budget, where the Museum Bus visits their neighborhood.

  • Sangsang Gogo (想像考古) – An Excavation Experience for Children Close
    • Participants/ Around 25 children, elementary school
    • Period/ 2018.04.04(Wed) ~ 2018.06.16(Sat)

    Sangsang Gogo is an experiential program where children can imagine what life was like in the Bronze Age while excavating relics themselves. Those who participate will acquire a good understanding of Korean history and archaeology and make it familiar to them.

  • Catch the Job at a Museum!
    • Venue/ Education room and exhibition halls of Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Participants/ Middle and high school students during free semester
    • Period/ 2018.04.01(Sun) ~ 2018.11.30(Fri)

    Catch the Job at a Museum is an educational program where students can indirectly experience museum jobs. Students are taught theories, visit the exhibition halls, and undertake missions (or games) in order to learn how the specialists and technicians in museum work so that they can plan their own career.