• Meta Museum Project
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Period/ 2018.08.01(Wed) ~ 2019.02.28(Thu)

    This is the question that we address as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nam June Paik Art Center. Are we sharing and looking after the public land of art together, as Nam June Paik once said: “Art is not a private property”? We are conducting the 《#Meta Museum #Project》, along with an #exhibition and #symposium, focusing on #art #public land and #Nam June Paik as its keywords.

  • International Symposium
    ‘Gift of Nam June Paik 10’
    《Future Museum: Public to Commons》 Close
    • Venue/ Auditorium Room, Gyeonggi Children’s Museum
    • Period/ 2018.10.12(Fri) ~ 2018.10.13(Sat)

    Nam June Paik Art Center is delighted to host the 2018 International Symposium, ‘The Gift of Nam June Paik 10’ from October 12th to 13th under the title, Future Museum: From Public to Commons. The international symposium series, ‘The Gift of Nam June Paik’ also welcomes its 10th anniversary and this year it has been designed to review the past decade of Nam June Paik Art Center.

  • (Free-semester system) Career Exploration Program 《Exploration of Art Museum》
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Participants/ junior high school students
    • Period/ 2018.09.04(Tue) ~ 2018.11.30(Fri)

    This career exploration program conducted through the free-semester system aims to help students experience arts easily in order to experience various perspectives through activities by stages and extend their perspectives and viewpoints.

  • Program for Students with Disabilities 《Huddling Together》
    • Venue/ Exhibition Hall and Education Hall
    • Participants/ Group of 10 students with disabilities
    • Period/ 2018.09.04(Tue) ~ 2018.11.30(Fri)

    This program helps students to appreciate Nam June Paik’s artworks and create a work on one canvas with other students by using their bodies and senses. While making one work together with others who have different appearances and characteristics than each other, they can feel the harmonious world of people, and create a work using their bodies and senses, and various everyday objects.

  • Intense Appreciation Program 《Feedback》
    • Venue/ Exhibition Hall and Education Hall
    • Participants/ Group of 30 students of elementary, junior, or high school
    • Period/ 2018.09.04(Tue) ~ 2018.10.19(Fri)

    The intense appreciation program 《Feedback》 aims to help students to not only appreciate artworks but also induce their reaction or feedback from them. In addition, the program name ‘Feedback’ is the compound word of ‘feed’ (meaning gives information or fulfills requests) and ‘Paik’ (from Nam June Paik), meaning ‘gives the information of the world of Nam Jun Paik’s artwork’.’ Participants will appreciate the major works of Nam June Paik and understand his artworks through an activity paper.

  • Mobile Art Gallery 《Nam June Paik’s Letter》
    • Venue/ Requested School
    • Participants/ Group of students of elementary school (4th ~ 6th Grades), and junior high school
    • Period/ 2018.09.04(Tue) ~ 2018.10.19(Fri)

    The program, which is a prior educational program, helps students explore the world of Nam June Paik’s artworks with one of several subjects, and gets students interested in the artist through connected activities. Later, students will visit the Nam June Paik Art Center to participate in the intense appreciation program 《Feedback》 to understand the artist’s work more intensively.