• 《School Group》 Silhak Dasan Picnic
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak
    • Participants/ Students of Elementary, Junior and High Schools and School Groups

    《Silhak Dasan Picnic》 is an educational program in which each school can carry out their own activities by mainly visiting the Museum of Silhak, the Historic Site of Dasan, Eco Park and other places located in Majae Village.

  • 《Silhak Vacation Picnic》 Welcome~ It’s Your First Time at Rehe Province, Isn’t It? Close
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak 1F Special Exhibition Hall
    • Participants/ Children and the public (first come, first served basis)
    • Period/ 2018.08.12(Sun) ~ 2018.08.19(Sun)

    The world’s summer “it spot“ of 1780, China’s Rehe Province (Qing dynasty)! The realistic ‘Yeolha-Ilgi’ of Joseon’s envoys who visited China (Qing dynasty) for the first time presents both the enjoyment of ‘travels’ and the fun that comes from cultural differences! A reality travel with a drama commentations!!

  • 《Silhak Act Picnic》 Sae. Kkum. A Close
    • Venue/ Yeolsu Hall, The Museum of Silhak
    • Participants/ 18 students of Yangsu Middle School who belong to Silhak Play Club
    • Period/ 2018.07.14(Sat) ~ 2018.07.16(Mon)

    The 《Silhak Act Picnic》, following the 《Silhak Mural Picnic》 of the last year, is the second project for the free-learning year organized by The Museum of Silhak. It helps students learn about and understand silhak, the life of silhak scholars and their thoughts through the medium of a theater play.

  • Silhak Teachers Picnic 《Summer Vacation Teachers Training》 Close
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak and historic sites
    • Participants/ Teachers in Gyeonggi province
    • Period/ 2018.07.30(Mon) ~ 2018.08.03(Fri)

    Teachers in the Gyeonggi province participate in the Silhak Teachers Picnic for an educational experience about the whole latter half of the Joseon Dynasty and its ideologies, society and culture including the reformed and practical trends of practical science ideas to obtain a variety of data and information related to practical science and use it on-site at schools.

  • 《Silkhak Permanent Picnic》 Meeting The Museum of Silhak through AR Close
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak lobby
    • Participants/ Preschoolers - elementary school students
    • Period/ 2018.06.01(Fri) ~ 2018.11.30(Fri)

    Dasan’s geojunggi and The Museum of Silhak’s relic, the honcheonui, meet as AR technology. Experience a site where imagination becomes reality!

  • 《Silhak Performance Picnic》 Silhak, Completing the Martial Arts of Joseon Close
    • Venue/ Front lawn of The Museum of Silhak
    • Period/ 2018.04.28(Sat) ~ 2018.10.27(Sat)

    The Museum of Silhak puts on a performance related to silhak once a month on Culture Day. Muyedo botongji (The Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts) written by Lee Deok-mu, Park Je-ga, and Baek Dong-su, is a military training manual of the Joseon Period with illustrations of fighting motions, unlike other military books that focus on the theories of strategy and tactics.