• Sonsari Market in May – Moving In Party Close
    • Venue/ 1st floor of Saenghwal 1980, Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus
    • Period/ 2018.05.12(Sat)

    《Sonsari Market – Moving In Party》 is a market where you can find versatile handicrafts made by the new resident teams at the Saenghwal 1980 workshop residency of the Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus. You are invited to Sonsari Market each second Saturday of the month. Enjoy eating, watching, learning, and sharing with your hands and with the crafts.

  • Maker Culture, Smart Citizen – The 6th GGCF Cultural Policy Forum Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Art Platform/gap, GGCF 1st floor
    • Period/ 2018.05.10(Thu)

    In line with the 5th GGCF Cultural Policy Forum on The 4th Industrial Revolution and Culture, this forum shares the cases of the ‘maker culture’ that have made our lives livelier than before thanks to the participation of smart citizens who lead the culture and progress of society.

  • 2018 forêt forêt – Marketplace in the Forest Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus (166, Seodun-ro,
    • Period/ 2018.04.28(Sat) ~ 2018.06.30(Sat)

    《forêt forêt – Marketplace in the Forest》 is a crowded market that opens amidst the dense forest of the Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus. Every last Saturday of the month, various programs including performances, experiences, games, a flea market, and eateries are offered on the wide lawn where children can run and play. Create cherishable memories at forêt forêt, a downtown forest playground.

  • We Are Protectors of Bukhansanseong Fortress Close
    • Venue/ Visitor Center and Daeseomun Gate, Bukhansanseong Fortress
    • Period/ 2018.04.28(Sat) ~ 2018.06.16(Sat)

    《We Are Protectors of Bukhansanseong Fortress》 is a program run by the Gyeonggi Institute of Cultural Properties, where you can enjoy a theater play. With a lecture on the fortress’s history and cultural assets, the play you will see at Daeseomun Gate of Bukhansanseong Fortress will offer you a special experience.

  • A Conference Commemorating the 1100th Anniversary of Establishment of Goryeo and the 1000th Anniversary of the Naming of Gyeonggi Close
    • Period/ 2018.04.28(Sat)

    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation (director Seol Won-gi) holds a conference on the theme of The Historical Significance of Establishment of Goryeo and Naming of Gyeonggi from 10 AM to 6 PM April 28 (Sat). The conference was prepared with the cooperation of the Incheon Foundation for Art & Culture and the Korean History Society in commemoration of the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Goryeo and the 1000th anniversary of the naming of Gyeonggi.

  • 2018 Gyeonggi Fortress Tour 《Let’s Climb the Fortress!》 Close
    • Period/ 2018.04.14(Sat) ~ 2018.07.14(Sat)

    《Let’s Climb the Fortress!》 is a program for fortress tours in Gyeonggi Province, operated by the Gyeonggi Institute of Cultural Properties. The program opened in 2017 to help participants to better understand history and historical figures by exploring nature and one of the seven fortresses in Gyeonggi that are relatively easy to explore, accompanied by a specialist. Around 600 have taken part in the program so far.