• 2017 GCC Year End Exhibition Close
    • Venue/ GCC Permanent Exhibition Space
    • Period/ 2017.12.21(Thu) ~ 2018.02.11(Sun)

    In this exhibition, 19 artists who have participated in the artists’ residency program of the Gyeonggi Creation Center in 2017 will present the results of their creative works from during the year. Daily life at the Gyeonggi Creation Center, which is an island attached to the mainland where one can take a walk anytime to see the sea and mountains, is silent and still as always.

  • Your time, My time, Our time Close
    • Venue/ GGCF Lobby Gallery
    • Period/ 2017.12.18(Mon) ~ 2018.01.26(Fri)

    The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Lobby Gallery unveils Your time, My time, Our time, an art exhibition to herald the closing of one year and the opening of the new year from December 18, 2017 through January 26, 2018. The exhibition is intended to spark artistic discourse on the theme of "time" that slips by in our everyday lives in the works of Kim Yoonsu and Lee Chang-hoon. It serves as an opportunity to shed light on our time and thoughts on this they have gleaned in every corner of their lives.

  • Unfamiliarity, Familiarity Close
    • Venue/ GGCF Lobby Gallery
    • Period/ 2017.11.06(Mon) ~ 2017.12.08(Fri)

    We look at both ourselves in a mirror as well as the faces of innumerable other people every day. The images of ourselves and others that we come across in daily life appear familiar and yet unfamiliar every now and then. We are often in a repetition or intersection of such experiences. The subject matter of “face” acts as a sign to unmask one’s identity in works by Kim Na-ri and Jung Jung-yeop and serves as an opportunity for viewers to have such familiar or unfamiliar experiences.

  • 2017 Gyeonggi Creative Festival Exhibition: The Plateau With A Wind Close
    • Venue/ GCC Permanent Exhibition Space
    • Period/ 2017.09.18(Mon) ~ 2017.11.12(Sun)

    Gyeonggi Creation Center is in Daebudo, Ansan, where it contains multiple local characteristics of the western coast of Gyeonggi province. It has stories of people who have undergone dynamic changes in their lives from historical, social, and economical events with rapid and compact growth in the ways of western modernization.

  • 2017 GCC Art Project: Space to Space Close
    • Venue/ GCC Project Exhibition space
    • Period/ 2017.09.18(Mon) ~ 2017.10.15(Sun)

    Jeho Yun deals with audiovisual areas and experiments with the borderline between music and sounds by stimulating the senses through the re-combination of repetitive and non-repetitive, regular and irregular arrangement of sound ingredients that are both from daily life and designed by computers. This art project creates individual spaces with light and sound, and experiments with the borderline between the entire space and the connecting point of the cubic space by using the physical characteristics of materials such as reflection, movement, etc.

  • 2016-7 Gyeonggi Creation Center International Residency Artist Result Exhibition 《Here, Now》 Close
    • Venue/ GCC Studio Bldg 2, Test Bed
    • Period/ 2017.09.18(Mon) ~ 2017.10.30(Mon)

    This exhibition is by Yoon-hee who moved in 2016. Yoon-hee worked as a visual artist residing in France for 30 years, and she recreates the borderline between materials and non-materials, obtained through the study of energy contained in subjects, in a formative manner in the forms of carving, installation and drawing.