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Korea-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition《Irony & Idealism》 3rd Rotation, Germany
Period/ 2018.05.27(Sun) ~ 2018.09.30(Sun)
Venue/ Kunsthalle Münster, Germany
2018.05.27 (Sun.)–2018.09.30 (Sun.)
Kunsthalle Münster, Germany
(Kunsthalle Munster, Hafenweg 28, 48155, Munster, Germany) Kunsthalle Münster
Gimhongsok, Hwayeon Nam, Bae Young-whan, Ahn Jisan, Michael Van Ofen, Manfred Pernice, Bjorn Dahlem, Jongsuk Yoon
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea Foundation, Kunsthalle Münster
Goethe-Institut, Koreanisches Kulturzentrum
NRW Ministry of Culture and Science, Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Kim Yun-seo, Art and Science Researcher 031.481.7048
The 《Irony & Idealism》 Korea-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition (2017.9.28–12.03) that began at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in September 2017 and passed through the Seoul KF Gallery (2017. 12.14–2018. 1.13) will be open at the local museum Kunsthalle Münster in the NRW state of Germany in 2018. The exhibition introduces the trends of contemporary art with eight active Korean and German artists working together without the restrictions of national boundaries and was planned to actualize cultural exchange through contemporary art. Artists Gimhongsok, Hwayeon Nam, Bae Young-whan and Ahn Jisan from Korea and artists Michael Van Ofen, Manfred Pernice, Bjorn Dahlem and Jongsuk Yoon of Germany took part in this exhibition to introduce thirty pieces consisting of images, installations, sculpture and paintings. 《Irony & Idealism》 reveals the irony, conflict and contradictions that we encounter in everyday life to stir up an awakening of ideas under the premise of the role that art plays today, and this exhibition will help spectators observe the artists’ varied understanding and approach of such ideas and identity the conditions of contemporary art that exist through questions.
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