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Quantum Jump 2018 Four Artists Relay Show 《Lee Jiyen—Regulation of Circulation》
Period/ 2018.09.11(Tue) ~ 2018.10.07(Sun)
Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery
Quantum Jump 2018 Four Artists Relay Show is an all-year-round special exhibition where the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art and Gyeonggi Creating Center cooperate in introducing new challenges by four young artists, one by one. Through 《Regulation of Circulation》, the third exhibition of the Show this year, the artist Lee Jiyen shows her works created using paper waste that was thrown away after manufacturing bank notes to examine the circulating network and fluctuating value. Her representative work 《Lee Jiyen—Regulation of Circulation》 was created by her own hand knitting by which she connected the disused bank note scraps. It took the artist a long time and effort after she was provided with the paper waste from the cooperative Bank of Korea to turn them into material for art and finally into the form of organic webs. Once deconstructed and without any function and value, the waste of bank notes are no longer viewed as a means of exchange but as an artistic object with switched value and circulating life after the intervention of the artist. 《Lee Jiyen—Regulation of Circulation》 literally means the state of the art piece that is connected in the web, as well as representing the circulation of the world where things are linked altogether.
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