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Republic of Korea-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition 《Irony & Idealism》 3rd Traveling Exhibition, Germany
Period/ 2018.05.27(Sun) ~ 2018.09.30(Sun)
Venue/ Kunsthalle Munster, Germany
《Irony & Idealism》, the Republic of Korea-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, launched in the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in September 2017 (September 28-December 03) and opened in the KF Gallery, Seoul (December 14, 2017-January 13, 2018), is held in 2018 at the Kunsthalle Münster, a public museum in NRW, Germany. This exhibition demonstrates current trends in contemporary art with eight artists from South Korea and Germany who have been actively working beyond their national borders, aiming at cultural exchange through contemporary art. The participating artists are: Gimhongsok, Hwayeon Nam, Bae Young-whan, and Jisan Ahn from Korea; and Michael van Ofen, Manfred Pernice, Björn Dahlem, and Yoon Jongsuk from Germany. These artists will display about 30 works spanning diverse genres, including film, installation, sculpture, and painting. Based on the concept that today’s art is something that arouses thinking by revealing ironies, conflicts, and contrasts that we face in our daily lives through various shapes, 《Irony & Idealism》 sheds light on diverse views and approaches by the artists and allows us to find out what contemporary art is like that exists as questions.
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