Support for Arts and Culture

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Support for Arts and Culture

The GyeongGi Cultural Foundation has been supporting artists and art groups in Gyeonggi Province since 1997. With its aim of promoting the fundamentals of art and enriching the arts, it supports the arts and artists in Gyeonggi Province through stimulating the artistic activities and the creation of new works following the mid-term plan. For literature, Gyeonggi Munhak is published as a collection of the works written by new and existing authors; for visual art, there is Saengsaeng Hwahwa, the exhibition of rising artists; and for performances, the Showcase of Productions in Gyeonggi and Gyeonggi Performance Festa are the major projects. There are also other initiatives for discovering new trends in the arts and experimental art projects as well as dynamizing the ecosystem of arts and contributing to its diversity: New Collective & New Change, Those except public, art and public art, Passing Through Arts Through and Lecture on Mythology.

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