카카오톡으로 퍼가기구글플러스로 퍼가기페이스북으로 퍼가기트위터로 퍼가기
“Gyeonggi Millennium Docu Festa” is a representative brand of “Gyeonggi”, the project that was planned by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation in celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of the region’s naming. It is an artistic brand for both recording the past and the present and for preparing for the future, encompassing various projects including the Gyeonggi Archive, the Gyeonggi 1018-2018 Festival, and the Imagination Platform of Policy for Gyeonggi Residents. The Gyeonggi Millennium Docu Festa will be held for 100 days from July through October 2018 across Gyeonggi Province.

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