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Preview Exhibition for 2019 Residency Artists from the Gyeonggi Creation Center
admin - November 7, 2019
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Participating artists: Kim Mira, Kim Mirae, Kim Miyoung, Ryu Jungmin, Park Mira, Park Sinyong, Park Jin-he, Seo Hyemin, Seo Hye-soon, Seong Pilha, Ahn Sanghoon, Lee Byoungsu, Lee Yuwoon, Lee Woongcheol, Lee Jaeuk, Jun Hye-joo, Jung Jaehee, Cho Minah, and Cho Yikyung

This is an introduction video clip for the 2019 preview exhibition Mysterious Morning, which concluded on June 30, put on by the artists in residence of the Gyeonggi Creation Center. Let’s take a look at the video clip. Though it cannot fully do justice for these heart-touching moments at the center, you can check out the video clip for the Gyeonggi Creation Center on our newly created YouTube channel.

YouTube channel for the Gyeonggi Creation Center :
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Korea Open Government License
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