• Establish identity of Gyeonggi-do through Gyeonggi studies. Close
    • Period/ 2020.03.16(Mon) ~ 2020.03.31(Tue)

    The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation promotes the Center for Gyeonggi Studies, 2020 ‘Gyeonggi Studies Facilitation’

  • Celebrating the 20th anniversary, “the Gyeonggi-do Artist Support Center” will develop counseling for artists.

    The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation runs an artist consulting center to help support independence and creative work, as well as promoting artists’ rights.

  • Information on DMZ Peace Art Conference, Long Walk of Peace and Art. Close
    • Venue/ Gimpo Art Village
    • Period/ 2019.11.28(Thu)

    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation started Long Walk of Peace and Art in order to transform. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Gyeonggi-do forms a symbol of division in the Korean Peninsula and now to a symbol of peace, making it the base of peace and art in East Asia.

  • 2018 G Museum Festival Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Participants/ Anyone (no restrictions on admittance, excluding indoor events)
    • Period/ 2018.11.10(Sat) ~ 2018.12.11(Tue)

    From November 10 to November 11, the festival will be held at G Museum Park (Gyeonggi Museum, Gyeonggi Children's Museum, Baeknam Jun Art Center).

  • Gyeonggi Millennium Drone Photo Contest Close
    • Participants/ Any individuals
    • Period/ 2018.10.18(Thu) ~ 2018.11.02(Fri)

    As the central and regional administrative systems were reorganized and reinforced in the 9th year of the reign of Hyeonjong of Goryeo (1018), the capital of Goryeo (Gaegyeong) and the surrounding 12 cities were combined to become what was called “Gyeonggi.”

  • 2018 Gyeonggi Living Culture Platform Festival Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Province
    • Period/ 2018.10.13(Sat) ~ 2018.11.30(Fri)

    The ‘2018 Gyeonggi Living Culture Platform Festival’ will be held in a total of 18 areas in 17 cities/ counties of Gyeonggi Province.