Gyeonggi Living Culture Center

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We implement the living culture project to help local residents grow and play their role in local culture. The Gyeonggi Living Culture Center located on the Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus which opened in 2016 has established itself as a space of living culture that any local resident can freely use.

While performing research on daily cultural policy to develop cultural indicators, the Gyeonggi Living Culture Center promotes various activities through exchanges between the stakeholders of living culture and encourages living culture networking so that provincial residents can grow into people who lead culture and art. In addition, we implemented the Gyeonggi living culture platform project that promotes hubs of tangible and intangible living culture resources in local areas across Gyeonggi-do Province and that cultivates participation in living culture. We also pursue the living culture worker band project that provides new energy to workers who are tired of everyday life, motivates them to work harder, and establishes a vibrant organizational culture.

Furthermore, by providing the Dasari Culture School to train young culture planners, we help people learn the specifics about culture planning, which can help solve social problems in creative and diverse ways.