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GyeongGi-do is the province which surrounds Seoul, the capital city of Korea. For over a thousand years, it also served as the capital for the Go-ryeo and Jo-seon Dynasties, and now houses a wealth of cultural heritage from these periods. In particular, the province contains three UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, HwaSeong Fortress and Namhansanseong. The large part of the Korean Demilitarized Zone(DMZ), symbolizing Korea’s division between North and South is also located in GyeongGi-do with an exceptionally well-preserved ecosystem and an unique military landscape. The government of GyeongGi Province has implemented a variety of policies to promote the cultural well-being and rights of its 13 million GyeongGi-do residents.

This year, the GyeongGi Cultural Foundation turns 20 years old. Since its establishment, the foundation has worked to “establish a cultural platform to promote a culture of well-being among its residents and to make “GyeongGi-do a living place for culture.” Now the GGCF is striving to build a cultural ecosystem by expanding its support for culture and art, enhancing cultural exchange, and reviving local culture, while developing cultural policies and discovering items and traditions of cultural heritage, and training and improving art and culture activists.

Across the province, the foundation offers hands-on activity programs, and six museums present special exhibitions dealing with GyeongGi-do’s art and culture, as well as its tradition, both present and future. The GGCF has discovered and preserved numerous pieces of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and promoted them to the world. One of the important duties of the foundation is to improve the cultural well-being of the socially marginalized by closing the cultural gap between different areas and social groups.

Culture must offer entertainment and relaxation in addition to education and refinement. Relaxation itself is a form of culture, and art must be part of this, as well. The foundation aims to provide new contents which each local resident can enjoy while offering information and technologically advanced services to make its contents more accessible.

A happy life through culture!
The GyeongGi Cultural Foundation will make every effort to bring itself closer to the public.
Our passion will reach out to GyeongGi-do and beyond, to Korea and the world.