• GCM September~October Infants Education Program 《Squirrel’s Looking for Acorns》
    • Venue/ Baby Nest (1F)
    • Participants/ Seven Families (At Least A Parent) with a Child Aged 24–42 Months
    • Period/ 2018.09.07(Fri) ~ 2018.10.26(Fri)

    At Baby Nest (toddler’s space), there will be a holistic educational program targeting children between the age of 24–42 months.

  • GCM Chuseok Special Program 《Full Moon in My House》 Close
    • Venue/ Eco Atelier (3F)
    • Participants/ 15 Families with Children
    • Period/ 2018.09.22(Sat) ~ 2018.09.26(Wed)

    The full moon has risen. Let’s learn amusing customs of Chuseok and their meaning. Also, let’s make a ‘full moon lamp’ to decorate your house by using recycled wastes in the Eco Atelier.

  • JGPM Adult Education in Prehistorical Art Atelier 《Making Storage Box for the Umbilical Cord of My Child》 Close
    • Venue/ Education Room at Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Period/ 2018.10.10(Wed)

    Have a look at various prehistorical artworks that were produced to pray for fecundity and make your own ‘storage box for the umbilical cord of your child,’ praying for your child’s health and great fortune.

  • GGCF 2018 educational exhibition 《Sangsang Gongjang O Jangjang》
    • Venue/ Education and Exhibition Hall ‘Marbling’
    • Period/ 2018.10.05(Fri) ~ 2019.07.28(Sun)

    Every year, the Gyeonggi Creation Center develops and operates a new creative art program with the artists in residence. Based on the new creative art program this year, the 2018 permanent educational exhibition entitled 《Sangsang Gongjang O Jangjang》 is opened (‘sangsang’ means imagination and ‘gongjang’ means factory in Korean).

  • MUSENET 2018 Local Association Traditional Culture Contents Education
    • Venue/ Edu Lounge and Exhibition Hall at Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Participants/ Elementary School Students Group
    • Period/ 2018.10.02(Tue) ~ 2018.11.22(Thu)

    2018 Local Association Traditional Culture Contents Education helps the participants attend and understand the permanent exhibition by themselves using a tablet and application.

  • GCM 2018 Experts Association Program 《Looking for the Wind, Carrying the Wind 2—Ensemble of Wind》
    • Venue/ Education Hall (2F) and Outdoor Dream Space of Gyeonggi Children’s Museum
    • Participants/ Families with Elementary School Students
    • Period/ 2018.09.15(Sat) ~ 2018.10.27(Sat)

    Have you ever paid attention while listening to the wind? Always beside us, the wind has far more diverse sounds than you imagine. How about making an image of your family that contains various sounds of the wind after discovering different wind sounds with the unfamiliar sense of hearing?