GyeongGi Museum of Modern Art

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A Museum Seeking an Audience beyond its Walls
GyeongGi Museum of Modern Art collects contemporary artworks, and presents contemporary and creative special exhibitions, while planning and providing a variety of educational programs for visitors and residents of Gyeongi-do. GyeongGi MoMA aims to enhance the aesthetic viewpoint of GyeongGi-do residents and to meet the modern cultural demands of people as a public art museum, in an effort to connect art to daily life, artworks to audiences, and the community to the world.
l Since 2006
l +82(0)31-481-7000
l 268 Dongsan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, GyeongGi-do, Korea
GyeongGi MoMA is currently running a special exhibition displaying a variety of modern art with new perspectives; the GyeongGi Art Project, focusing on the political, social, and cultural issues of GyeongGi-do; Trends of Contemporary Art, experimenting with and illuminating new forms and content of contemporary art; Cross Genre, showing the crossover phenomenon in arts and the related fields; the International Art Project, establishing international networking by introducing the Korean art abroad and vice versa, and the permanent educational exhibition Dream studio, which introduces the basic factors of art through study of the art collection.
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GyeongGi MoMA focuses on collecting modern domestic and foreign artwork from the 1950s that suggest a new paradigm and vision of the future through contemporary art. The direction of the museum’s acquisition is based on the most historically significant works of the 1950s to the 1990s, contemporary cutting-edge works since 2000, selected works from special exhibitions, and public artworks for open air display. The museum currently houses about 500 works ranging from contemporary paintings to sculptures, photography, installation art, and media.
Educational Programs
<Adult Education>
  • GyeongGi MoMA Lectures | Informative educational programs for adults aim to attract a diverse range of audiences and conduct an in-depth exploration of contemporary art.
  • Docent Training | The program trains participants to become docents of GyeongGi MoMA exhibitions and educates cultural volunteers.
<Children and Youth Group Education>
  • Education Program for Schools | Targeted at primary and secondary school children, the museum invites school classes to participate in various educational programs.
  • Dream studio program | Children of different ages are given a customized educational opportunity to feel and experience various works of art.
<Individual and Family Education>
  • Exhibition-Related Programs | These programs are designed to facilitate the understanding of exhibitions for children, adolescents, and family visitors.
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Collaborative Projects
GyeongGi Museum of Modern Art has established close connections with the local community through network collaboration, outreach programs, and public art projects. The museum builds collections, exhibitions and educational programs to foster active communication and interaction with the general public. It is expected that these programs will attract more local residents and bring other prospective visitors to the museum, thereby enhancing the community’s understanding of art.
  • 2017 Land Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, mutual exchange exhibition
  • 2015-2016 Public art project at GyeongGi Museum of Modern Art, Made in Heaven, Dongducheon
  • 2015-2016 A Year of Exchange between Korea and France international exhibition, KM9346: Korea-Morbihan 9,346Km
  • 2015 GyeongGi-do curator retraining program
Recent Exhibitions
  • Craft Climax | The exhibition explores the traditional aesthetics and modern formative aspects of GyeongGi-do art created with everyday materials such as ceramics, furniture, metal, and textiles. (July. 21 — Sep. 17, 2017)
  • Family Report | Family Report identifies and reflects on the changing aspects of the family in modern society and its meaning. (April. 28 — July. 9, 2017)
  • GyeongGi’s 10 Masters True Colors and Real Characters | The exhibition marking the 10th anniversary of GyeongGi MoMA’s grand opening illuminates the arts and life of ten elderly artists who were either born in GyeongGi-do or who lived in GyeongGi-do for more than twenty years and dedicated their lives to creating art. (Sep. 29 — Dec. 4, 2016)
  • April, the Eternal Voyage | A memorial exhibition created to remember the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster and to console the families and friends who lost loved ones.(April. 16 — June. 26, 2015)
Major Collection Items
  • Wall of Hope, Kang Ik-Joong | Wall of Hope is a giant mural filling the entire wall of the aisle on the first and second floors in the museum. It is a completion of a large-scale project installed by collecting paintings and objects under the theme “My Dream” from 50,000 children in Korea, from the southernmost tip to the far north of the Korean Peninsula, with artist Kang Ik-Joong.
  • Agusta, Gwon Osang | Gwon Osang’s artwork explores the new form of “photo sculpture” by expressing the absurdity of this superficial world. Agusta takes a photo and embodies a figure that can be considered the godfather of the motorbike race in Korea.
  • Conjunction 83-077, Ha Chong-hyun | The artwork of Ha Chong-hyun explores the stereotype of the Korean monochrome paintings on his own. This artwork creates shape by rubbing paints pressed out through the back of the canvas with tools or by hand, using the texture of the canvas as much as possible, rather than using a brush on the surface of the canvas. The works created through these processes indicate that the canvas itself is as important as the surface that exposes the drawing.
  • Flower Arrangement, Choi Jeong-hwa | The artwork of Choi Jeong-hwa shows kitsch installation art using non-artistic materials representing the features of modern material civilization, including plastic and vinyl. This work maximizes the unique kitsch aesthetics by harmonizing the shape of a splendid and dynamic organism with plastic, which is both light and hard, in an idiosyncratic way.