Policy Project

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Gyeonggi 1018-2018

According to the history of Goryeo, a modification was made on the central and the local administrative systems in 1018 (9th year of King Hyeonjong‘s reign), during which the capital Gaegyeong along with the 12 gun and hyeon (or cities) around it started to be refered to as “Gyeonggi”. The year 2018 is the 1000th anniversary of the birth of Gyeonggi. In addition, the policy called Gyeonggije started in 1018, and the culture of Gyeonggi also began then, giving us “Gyeonggi 1018-2018”.

Core Values of the Gyeonggi 1018-2018 Project

The Core Values of the Gyeonggi 1018-2018 project are “future, unification, humankind, space, culture, and heritage.”

The Gyeonggi 1018-2018 Project

Gyeonggi Provincial Government and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation are conducting projects to determine the agenda and visualize the vision for the city based upon the participation of the 1.3 million residents: the Gyeonggi 1018-2018 Platform and Gyeonggi 1018-2018 Archive. This would be a chance for retrospection on the past 1,000 years and preparation for the upcoming 1,000 years.

+ GyeongGi Millenium Archaive Website ㅣ http://ggma.ggcf.kr/about