Service Attitude

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The executives and staff of the GyeongGi Cultural Foundation will support the culture and art activities of Gyeonggi residents,leading their enjoyment of high-quality culture and the development of Gyeonggi art and culture.
  • 01
    We will bring our citizens to the sites of culture and art through reformation and renovation.
  • 02
    We will make the lives of our residents coordinated and harmonized through the creative energy of art and culture.
  • 03
    We will turn the museums and art museums into places to gather for Gyeonggi residents.
  • 04
    We will keep a kind and voluntary attitude in serving the Gyeonggi residents.
  • 05
    We will always provide a pleasant environment and our best service.

In order to achieve the goals above, we will make Gyeonggi-do an advanced province as we work with creativity and innovation, service and kindness, and a sincere posture.