• Special Exhibition Let’s Play Together, Three Laps around the Neighborhood Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Hall, Gyeonggi Children's Museum
    • Period/ 2019.10.01(Tue) ~ 2020.08.30(Sun)

    Let’s Play Together, Three Laps around the Neighborhood is what a fifth grader in elementary school, who collaborated for this exhibition, wanted to say.

  • Special Exhibition: Meet the Children of a Century Ago Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Children’s Museum - Special Exhibition Hall
    • Period/ 2019.05.03(Fri) ~ 2019.08.18(Sun)

    This is a special exhibition held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement and the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.

  • Fantastic Theater
    • Venue/ GCM 3rd Floor

    The Colorful Jungle, an interactive media exhibition, is held in the Fantastic Theater. This exhibition is about endangered animals, organized in order to teach children the value of the environment and life.

  • Happy Everyone’s Birthday Close
    • Venue/ GCM 1st Floor
    • Period/ 2016.09.26(Mon) ~ 2018.08.19(Sun)

    Children's Museum Special Exhibition 「Happy Everyone's Birthday」 is an exhibition designed to get to know the sanctity of life and the preciousness of “me.” With the birthday, the most delightful and happiest day of the year, as motif, you can feel your growth over the year and learn how precious you are.

  • Artworks Hidden in the Museum
    • Venue/ GCM

    Various works by artists are hidden here and there in the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum. Let’s explore the Art Gallery in the Museum.

  • These are My Friends
    • Venue/ GCM 3rd Floor

    In Gyeonggi Province, you can meet many friends with diverse cultural backgrounds. ‘These are My Friends’ delivers the stories of those friends in Gyeonggi Province.