• Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, Cultural Diversity ‘Isimjeonsim (以心傳心) Tacit Understanding’ Guide for Teaching Aids Rental Close
    • Period/ 2020.04.13(Mon) ~ 2020.11.30(Mon)

    For-fee rentals are available to elementary schools, kindergartens, and daycare centers in Gyeonggi-do province for teaching aids, planned and developed by Gyeonggi Children's Museum, for the purpose of raising positive awareness of other cultures through games and fairy tales, ideal for children living in an era of cultural diversity.

  • An elementary school preparation program, 《If we are going to school…》 Close
    • Venue/ 1F Teumsae Exhibition Hall
    • Period/ 2019.12.03(Tue) ~ 2019.12.20(Fri)

    It is a program designed to help children prepare for their elementary school life, and turn the transition into an exciting process by overcoming the fear of exposure to new environments and experiences such as preparing one’s school backpack and sitting in school classes.

  • Gyeonggi Children’s Museum Seeds with Different Shapes and Colors Close
    • Venue/ 2F, Exhibition Hall Hallway, Gyeonggi Children's Museum
    • Participants/ Children 6 and older
    • Period/ 2019.10.05(Sat) ~ 2019.12.29(Sun)

    Let’s find out about the wonders hidden in nature inside all the seeds of various shapes and sizes. Plants have developed various methods to spread their seeds as far as possible.

  • Saturday Special Program for Families: The Farmer Who Wore a Mask and Became a Bull Close
    • Venue/ Education Room (2F)
    • Participants/ 14 families with children aged 4 or over
    • Period/ 2019.06.01(Sat) ~ 2019.07.20(Sat)

    This is a family educational experience program operating in connection with the activities in the "Treasure Hunt in Fairy Tale World" exhibition hall. The program, based on the plot of "The Farmer Who Wore a Mask and Became a Bull," a folk tale of Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, combines hand puppet play and artistic activities (making a bull-shaped hand puppet).

  • Gyeonggi Children’s Museum – Special Exhibition: The Sounds of Winds, Chimes Close
    • Venue/ Passageway next to the exhibition hall at the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum (2F)
    • Period/ 2019.06.01(Sat) ~ 2019.09.29(Sun)

    Winds make refreshing sounds: the rustling of grass and leaves, the splashing of sea waves, the clear and peaceful ringing of chimes. When you listen carefully, all the natural sounds that bring peace to our hearts are made by winds. Let's make a chime that rings with beautiful and refreshing sounds when winds blow.

  • What If I Went to Elementary School?, School preparation program at Gyeonggi Children’s Museum for groups Close
    • Venue/ exhibition room, 1F, Gyeonggi Children’s Museum
    • Participants/ Twenty 6- to 7-year old children who visit with the infant group course
    • Period/ 2018.11.14(Wed) ~ 2018.12.14(Fri)

    This is a program in which children who will soon enter elementary school (6- or 7-year-olds) get to experience school life in advance to resolve vague fears about school through fun activities.