GyeongGi Children’s Museum

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Creating Innovative and Entertaining Learning Experiences for Children

The first and largest children’s museum in Korea where children can experience and learn on their own, GyeongGi Children’s Museum (GCM) aims to grow with children in today’s changing environment. The museum offers nine experience halls to promote the development of children’s character and creativity as well as special exhibition halls to present independent and timely shows with important themes. It also designs and implements a variety of education programs to enhance children’s creativity and critical thinking skills.

l Since 2011
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l 6 Sanggal-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, GyeongGi-do, Korea


The permanent and special exhibitions are organized around four main themes: “Curious Children,” “Caring for the Environment,” “Healthy and Strong,” and “Children in the World.” The permanent exhibition presents 220 interactive exhibits in nine galleries, including a nature playground, and the special exhibitions display new and creative works with innovative themes to expand children’s ideas and creativity.

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The museum presents a number of exhibitions and workshops where children can interact with the artwork to develop their aesthetic sense at early age by connecting with art: a kinetic art piece where children communicate with each other by hearing sound and seeing and following other’s movement; a painting of complex structures built on a cartoonlike vision, which inspires creativity, and a blue dolphin, which sends radio signals through a mobile phone and connects with the outside world.

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Educational Programs

GyeongGi Children’s Museum helps children get closer to the exhibits with a variety of humorous and exciting educational programs. Through these programs, the children can see the world with new eyes, as well as create long-lasting memories to cherish.

  • Regular Programs | The museum offers customized programs based on the age and characteristics of its participants to discover children’s potential and promote communication among family members.
  • Group Programs | The museum operates a variety of courses for infants, toddlers, and elementary school groups that so that they can effectively participate in museum activities . It also offers hands-on activities which relate to Nuri courses for kindergarten as well as the elementary school curriculum.
  • Special Program | An in-depth training program provides an opportunity for elementary school students to explore various careers and experiences through the combination of complex education with experts in various fields.
  • School Break Programs | A variety of educational programs for children on school break with timely and meaningful themes from various fields such as science, art, culture, and history.
  • Exhibition Programs | The museum encourages self-directed learning for children while interacting with its exhibitions.
  • Performance Programs | The museum provides creative and educational children’s performances selected through a contest.

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Research Projects and Special Programs

  • World-renowned museum project |The GCM participated in a conference held by the Association of Children’s Museums(ACM) and gave a presentation on “Children’s Play Culture and the role of the Children’s Museum” to promote a global network.
  • Resource center | GyeongGi Children’s Museum has been operating its resource center, an online platform providing a total of 8,000 pieces data on quality exhibitions and educational programs, as well as learning opportunities for children and parents and data for teachers and expert, in its capacity as an open source to the public. It also runs the Heart-to-Heart Communication lease project, a cultural diversity education tool that can be leased by a class at elementary schools or primary education institutes.
  • The Children Advisory Board | To implement a way to create a museum involving children’s participation in the selection and configuration, the children advisory board is made of children from around GyeongGi-do. They have been involved in various advisory activities on children’s exhibitions, educational programs, and development and are dedicated to serve as children executives of GyeongGi Children’s Museum.

Major Exhibitions

  • Nature’s Playground | A multisensory play space for infants and toddlers under four years of age. Exploring nature through different activities, the children experience the warmth and comfort provided by nature, receiving a variety of sensory stimulation to promote development at each child’s stage.
  • How Does the Body Work? | This is a space for exploring the structure and functions of our body and learning what kinds of tasks each organ in our body performs. Children can think about how we can have good meals, grow strong and sleep well. This exhibit helps children independently make good decisions concerning their health.
  • Eco Atelier | A workshop where participants create a project using recycled materials to experience the importance of environmental protection. Innovative and amazing works are often made in the workshop with recycled materials.
  • These Are My Friends | As one of the representative exhibitions in the GyeongGi Children’s Museum, this space is meant for children to understand multicultural families and develop a spirit of community. Children can learn about the countries of their friends’ mothers or fathers as well as their various cultures through stories from friends with multicultural backgrounds.


Major Collection Items

  • Ensemble, Kim Dong-won | Kinetic art, involving communication through listening to sound and following movement with the eyes.
  • The Dolphin and the Fantastic Sea Journey, Choi Mun-seok | The blue dolphin swimming in the sea and the boat slowly moving vividly describe scenery in which human beings become harmonized with nature. Children can communicate with the exhibit by sending radio signals to the dolphin using a cell phone.

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