• GCC 2020 GyeongGi Creation Center Open Studio Progress
    • Venue/ GyeongGi Creation Center website and YouTube channel (online video)
    • Period/ 2020.11.06(Fri)

    From ancient history, humans have drawn pictures. From ancient to modern humans, we have expressed ourselves throughout painting, perhaps even prior to language. When we look this art, we can see individual patterns. When observing material, a person or a moment, people observe, acknowledge and express ideas about an object throughout their own experience. This causes them to self-examine. Especially, painting requires more time to truly appreciate in observation, because it is representative. When painting while observing a picture, people create images after careful observation, to recreate in some way the image in the picture. Throughout this artistic process, people discover much that can be disregarded or ignored. Paintings composed of discoveries made during an observation period can convey numerous decisions made by the artist, as painting transfers a three-dimensional world onto two dimensions. It conventionalizes and interprets the objects it represents. The many layers in water color paintings, ink layers in engraving, and the streams of time built into a portrait are the results of collected observations by the artist. Artists express these impressions by observing objects enthusiastically overtime. Because artists are able to do this, paintings make us see through the world better.

  • GGCF Establish identity of Gyeonggi-do through Gyeonggi studies. Close
    • Period/ 2020.03.16(Mon) ~ 2020.03.31(Tue)

    The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation promotes the Center for Gyeonggi Studies, 2020 ‘Gyeonggi Studies Facilitation’

  • GJICP This is to introduce the keepers of Gyeonggi-do Cultural Assets.

    A regular survey of designated cultural assets, such as monuments and cultural asset materials, within the province

  • GGCF Celebrating the 20th anniversary, “the Gyeonggi-do Artist Support Center” will develop counseling for artists.

    The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation runs an artist consulting center to help support independence and creative work, as well as promoting artists’ rights.

  • GGCF Information on DMZ Peace Art Conference, Long Walk of Peace and Art. Close
    • Venue/ Gimpo Art Village
    • Period/ 2019.11.28(Thu)

    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation started Long Walk of Peace and Art in order to transform. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Gyeonggi-do forms a symbol of division in the Korean Peninsula and now to a symbol of peace, making it the base of peace and art in East Asia.

  • MUSENET Gyeonggi Culture Day Events at the Gyeonggi Museum Close
    • Period/ 2019.05.29(Wed) ~ 2019.08.28(Wed)

    The Gyeonggi Museum will be holding a variety of events on the occasion of the upcoming Gyeonggi Culture Day week. On the last Wednesday of each month from May to August, a small gift will be presented to the first 100 visitors to upload a picture of their precious time spent in the museum to their SNS accounts.