North Gyeonggi Childrens’s Museum

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In the name of Gyeonggi-do, In the heart of Gyeonggi-do

North Gyeonggi Children’s Museum opened in Dongducheon-si in May 2016 and became a family member of Gyeonggi-do starting January 1, 2020. The museum, established under the theme of “Children Dreaming in the Forest,” is a landmark and creative space of culture and art where children’s imagination and courage could be enhanced.

The museum supports and is created for children, respecting their perspectives, listening to their stories, and feeling their heart. We will become an educational place for understanding ourselves, others, and everyone as a whole and learning respect and value by participating in and experiencing cultures in a community.

l Opened in 2016
l 031-868-9610
l (11307) 46, Pyeonghwa-ro 2910beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Exhibition Planning

There are permanent and special exhibitions on the forest, ecology, and environment under the theme of “Children Dreaming in the Forest.” For the permanent collection, there are 7 exhibition halls including the dinosaur zone and 90 experience exhibits, and planning and operating will continue for new collections.

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Collection Management

North Gyeonggi Children’s Museum has 146 donated folk collections and 3 photograph works by Lim Chaewook. We will run the museum storage by establishing the preservation and management system for collections and collecting materials that can be used for museum exhibitions and educational programs.

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Educational Events

North Gyeonggi Children’s Museum runs various programs related to its theme, “Forest.” We help children become imaginative and creative by providing age-appropriate programs.

  • Online Educational Programs | Discovering children’s potential and encouraging interactions with family members by providing online programs for both children and their family
  • School Programs | Running a specialized program on exhibition and curriculum by collaborating with the regional Education Office

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Special Programs

  • Jumble Concert for Children and their Family | Jumble Concert for Children and their Family will become a core program of the children’s museum by offering citizens in the northern and southern Gyeonggi area an opportunity to enjoy culture and art with a monthly performance by Gyeonggi Children’s Museum and North Gyeonggi Children’s Museum.

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Main Exhibitions

  • Invitation to the dinosaur forest. Getting to know dinosaurs with Little Brachio | Explore the woods of the Mesozoic Era where dinosaurs lived.
    Little Brachio shows its curious face along with the Bracken forest. Little Brachio invites you to the dinosaur forest.
  • Sea Playground | Sea Playground is an experience place for babies under 36 months old, where they can enjoy various sea-themed activities.
  • Brachio’s forest where diversity coexists | Brachiosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur, has a long neck and tail. In Bachio’s forest, you can see them far away. Explore the body of Brachiosaurus with the leaves. Climb up to the large tree and talk with Brachiosaurus.