• Handaxe Art 1000 Close
    • Period/ 2018.05.03(Thu) ~ 2018.08.26(Sun)

    2018 is the year that marks the 1000th anniversary of the naming of ‘Gyeonggi’ Province. Handaxe Art 1000 is a special exhibition that Jeongok Prehistory Museum prepared in order to celebrate the anniversary and remind us of its meaning.

  • Quilting with Hanji Kim Yun-seon’s Quilting with Dyed Threads Close
    • Period/ 2018.03.06(Tue) ~ 2018.04.01(Sun)

    Human history can be divided into before and after the appearance of the needle. Humankind continued to step forward to evolve themselves, until they were faced with the unbearable hardship of bitter cold in the ice age. It was the needle, and the clothes and shoes that were made by it, that enabled humankind to overcome the glacial chill. As creatures who pursued the beauty of symmetry even when making coarse tools like handaxes, humans have turned the backstitch for leather clothing into a work of art.

  • 《The Prehistoric VENUS, her Songs》 Special Exhibition Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Yeoncheon Paleolithic Festival Close
    • Period/ 2017.05.02(Tue) ~ 2018.02.28(Wed)

    The Prehistoric VENUS, her Songs is about the art of the Upper Palaeolithic, which was part of the ice age. During the period, people survived harsh weather and made their art blossom using such materials as the ivory of mammoth, bones of animals, stone, and earth. Among others, they made numerous sculptures, especially the female form statues that we call ‘Venus’. They also left a large number of animal-shaped sculptures, as they cherished as their resources, objects of admiration, and companions living together in nature.

  • Travelling to Prehistoric Age: Prehistoric Fossil Animals Close
    • Venue/ Jeongok Prehistory Museum 1F
    • Period/ 2016.04.26(Tue) ~ 2017.03.31(Fri)

    Travelling to Prehistoric Age is an exhibition that displays mainly the relics described in textbooks, including hand axes, the remains of the first humans in the Korean peninsula at the dawn of East Asia, comb-pattern pottery, the first relics designed by our ancestors, and sharp swords from the Bronze Age, all easy for students to understand.

  • Prehistoric Fossil Animals Close
    • Venue/ Project Gallery in Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Period/ 2016.04.26(Tue) ~ 2017.02.28(Tue)

    Prehistoric Fossil Animals is an exhibition that satisfies our curiosity about what animals lived in the prehistoric age. The displayed animals include a mammoth, cave bear, rhinoceros with double horns, sabertooth tiger, and horses.

  • Travelling to the Joseon Period Visiting Geumgangsan Mountain Close
    • Venue/ Jeongok Prehistory Museum 1F
    • Period/ 2016.04.26(Tue) ~ 2017.02.28(Tue)

    Jeongok Prehistory Museum (director Lee Han-yong) of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation holds three exhibitions at the same time, celebrating the 5th anniversary of its establishment. The opening ceremony takes place on April 26 (Tue), 2016, and the three exhibitions that will be open to the public from the next day will be Travelling to Prehistoric Age, Travelling to the Joseon Period, and Prehistoric Fossil Animals.