• Gyeonggi Paleolithic Era Series 1 《People of Uptown Jeongok-ri》 Close
    • Venue/ Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Period/ 2019.11.08(Fri) ~ 2020.06.28(Sun)

    In 2021, Jeongok Prehistory Museum will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its establishment. To commemorate the 10th anniversary and shed new light on the Paleolithic sites discovered in Gyeonggi-do province, a special exhibition ‘Gyeonggi Paleolithic Era’ will be held.

  • Art and password: Roof Tile Patterns of Goguryeo Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Room at Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Period/ 2019.08.30(Fri) ~ 2019.09.29(Sun)

    This exhibition was planned as part of Jeongok Prehistory Museum's new attempt to discover and introduce artistic values of ancient relics in a modern contemporary sense

  • Exhibition Commemorating the Excavation of the Prehistoric Sites in Jeongok-ri: E1979S2019 Close
    • Venue/ Jeongok Prehistory Museum - PHⅹ Gallery
    • Period/ 2019.05.03(Fri) ~ 2019.09.15(Sun)

    Records of forty years of excavation since the groundbreaking discovery of the Jeongok-ri hand axe are brought together at this exhibition.

  • Special exhibition of embedded relics entitled Opening a Storage Space Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Hall
    • Period/ 2018.10.02(Tue) ~ 2018.10.31(Wed)

    We are introducing the prehistoric relics of France, Italy, and Israel, which are called time capsules of the prehistoric period, using their accurately reproduced copies in cooperation with foreign research institutions.

  • Joint exhibition with Northern Gyeonggi Private Museum: Earth is a Gigantic Rock Close
    • Venue/ 1F, Gallery PH-×
    • Period/ 2018.10.08(Mon) ~ 2018.10.31(Wed)

    In commemoration of Gyeonggi’s millennia and in hope of regional culture growth through a win-win cooperation with the Northern Gyeonggi Private Museum, the famous Woo Seok Heon Natural History Museum of Namyangju is to hold a joint exhibition called Earth is a Gigantic Rock.

  • Handaxe Art 1000 Close
    • Period/ 2018.05.03(Thu) ~ 2018.08.26(Sun)

    2018 is the year that marks the 1000th anniversary of the naming of ‘Gyeonggi’ Province. Handaxe Art 1000 is a special exhibition that Jeongok Prehistory Museum prepared in order to celebrate the anniversary and remind us of its meaning.