• 2018 Summer Break Exhibition 《Yeolha-Ilgi, The World With The View of Park Ji Won》 Close
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak
    • Period/ 2018.08.01(Wed) ~ 2018.09.30(Sun)

    This special exhibition on ‘Yeolha-Ilgi, The World With The View of Park Ji Won’ is set up as an experience-oriented exhibition under the theme of Yeolha-Ilgi, the travel essay of Silhak scholar Park Ji-won, who travelled to the Qing Dynasty of China in 1780.

  • Jeong Yak-yong Returns to His Home River Special Exhibition Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Release of Dasan Jeong Yak-yong Close
    • Period/ 2018.04.16(Mon) ~ 2018.07.15(Sun)

    Dasan Jeong Yak-yong is a prominent silhak thinker who compiled the ideas of gyeongsechiyong (pragmatic statecraft), iyonghusaeng (economic enrichment), and silsagusi (seeking the truth based on factual evidence).

  • Hong Dae-yong 2017- Boundless Reason Close
    • Period/ 2017.09.25(Mon) ~ 2018.02.28(Wed)

    This exhibition is the fruition of the continuous efforts to express the Silhak Contents, the repository of humanities, in the form of modern art based on visual media technology in cooperation with the Korea University of Technology and Education and Kookmin University College of Design. The ideas and world view of the scientific thinker in the Age of Silhak, Damheon Hong Dae-yong, were expressed in the form of media image, sculpture, AR (augmented reality), and video image (39 minutes) in collaboration with modern artists such as Kim Ki-cheol, Kim Hyeong-joong, Park Je-seong, and Yi Sang-hyeon. Even modern people who are faced with the fourth industrial revolution can share the transitional thoughts of the late Joseon Dynasty that scholars like Hong Dae-yong had.

  • The Museum of Silhak Special Exhibition on First Half 《The Woman, Communicates with Silhak》 Close
    • Period/ 2017.04.17(Mon) ~ 2017.08.27(Sun)

    This exhibition depicted the cultural activities of women centering on ‘poems’, mostly of female intellectuals in the Joseon Dynasty, and how knowledge and information became systematized in everyday life.

  • 2016 ‘Hapicheop Returns Home’ – Dasan Jeong Yak-yong’s Love of Family Written on Sunset Yellow Skirt Close
    • Period/ 2016.10.17(Mon) ~ 2017.03.26(Sun)

    「Hapicheop」 is filled with lessons for his two sons and descendants such as the bond between family members, the mental attitude for classical scholars, and attitude toward life. It is also written in various calligraphic styles from semi-cursive style to cursive style, seal style, and clerical style, showing the calligraphic styles of Jeong Yak-yong. The main relics exhibited include 「Hapicheop」 (Treasure No. 1683-2) and <Maehwabyeong Jedo>.