• 《Bangye Surok, Planning a Fair Country》 Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Room, The Museum of Silhak
    • Period/ 2020.10.19(Mon) ~ 2021.02.28(Sun)

    The Museum of Silhak(Director Taehee Kim), a member of the GyeonGi Cultural Foundation, will hold a special exhibition on Monday, October 19th with Buan-gun, Jeollanam-do. 'Bangye Surok' is the representative writing of Hyungwon Yoo and Bangye (1622~1673), who are considered as pioneers of the academic trend of Silhak, and contains the contents of reforming the whole country. To mark the 350th anniversary of the writing of “Bangye Surok,” and the 250th anniversary of publication this year, we are co-hosting a special exhibition and academic event held on October 23 with Hyungwon Yoo's ideological hometown, Buan-gun.

  • The Silhak Museum collection exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the foundation 《Connecting the Path of Beopgochangsin(the theory of creation through tradition)》 Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Room, 1F Silhak Museum
    • Period/ 2019.10.23(Wed) ~ 2020.03.01(Sun)

    Silkak Museum is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its foundation on October 23, 2009. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have shown love and support for Silhak Museum.

  • A special exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Silhak Museum – Falling in novels, 《Bang Gakbon and Korean novels》 Close
    • Venue/ The 1st permanent exhibition room at Silhak Museum
    • Period/ 2019.06.25(Tue) ~ 2019.08.25(Sun)

    - How would you like to spend your time if you had more disposable income and leisure time?
    We newly prepared a section in the permanent exhibition room in order to explore a social trend that appeared in the field of literature (novel) in the late Joseon era, and influences it had on people’s life.

  • The Museum of Silhak – Special Exhibition 2019: Jibongyuseol, an Abundant Source of Korean Myths and the World History Close
    • Venue/ The Museum of Silhak Special Exhibition Hall
    • Period/ 2019.04.15(Mon) ~ 2019.07.07(Sun)

    This is an exhibition of people's understanding of the world in the Joseon Dynasty through artifacts and images based Ji-bong Yi Su-gwang's book 『Jibongyuseol』, 「Empire Department」.

  • 2018 Special Exhibition Taekriji, Gathering Lives to Connect the Eight Provinces of Korea at the Museum of Silhak Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Room, the Museum of Silhak
    • Period/ 2018.10.23(Tue) ~ 2019.02.28(Thu)

    he expressed what he really wanted to say about the status of his period metaphorically, hidden throughout his work. The exhibition is an attempt to read the author’s thoughts in between the lines that he wished to convey through his work. Visitors will see the original version of the book, its different versions, and articles about him kept at the head family house of his clan.

  • An exhibition of paintings expressing poetic ideas entitled Dasan’s Dreams commemorating the 200th anniversary of the end of exile imposed on Jeong Yak-yong (penname: Dasan)

    Included in the exhibition are Lee Hwan-young’s paintings of Jeong Yak-yong’s “Native place of Majae, Dumulmeori, and Gangjin, his place of exile” pieces displaying his concerns for his era and rage against the customs of the time, as well as the poet and intellectual’s love of grassroots people.