Our Work Attitude

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We will establish the identity of Gyeonggi Province by succeeding its history and tradition and promoting local art and culture. We will practice the mission statements of ethical management below in order to achieve our service mindset, with professional spirit and pride, as a representative institution of art and culture in Gyeonggi Province, improving the mutual understanding and cooperation between countries through international exchange projects.
  • 01
    We always continue to lead the vitalization of local art and culture initiatives while being kind and sincere, with honesty and faithfulness.
  • 02
    We are always reliable, never looking after our own interests in relation to our job.
  • 03
    We offer a new level of customer service based on the constant innovation of the organization and strengthening of our abilities.
  • 04
    We create a happy working culture based on the cooperation of members as well as their trust and respect.