Gyeonggi Bay Eco-Museum

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Gyeonggi Bay Eco-Museum
With research on culture, art, ecology, and history going on all around Gyeonggi Bay, we have discovered 100 items for the Gyeonggi Bay Eco-Museum Collection and will enhance the local culture of the Gyeonggi Bay area by establishing and promoting hubs in important places. In collaboration with citizen art groups in three areas, Ansan, Hwaseong, and Siheung, we established a private-public governing body and a healthy ecological tourism culture and ecosystem.
Gyeonggi Eco-Museum
To expand eco-museums across Gyeonggi-do Province based on the success of the Gyeonggi Bay Eco-Museum, we are pursuing the North Gyeonggi Citizen-Led Eco-Museum Activity and Establishment Contest Project and the Study on Establishing a Comprehensive DMZ Eco-Museum Development Plan.