• An Overnight Paleolithic Family Camp Close
    • Venue/ Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Participants/ Family with children ages 7-13 (total of 8 families)
    • Period/ 2018.05.19(Sat) ~ 2018.05.20(Sun)

    The Overnight Paleolithic Family Camp is a program where you can spend a special night at the museum. You will experience the Paleolithic shelter, foods, and clothing, and learn to make prehistoric tools.

  • “How I Love the Earth”(2-4) / Making Yarn bombing & net bag Close
    • Venue/ Education room of Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Participants/ Adult
    • Period/ 2018.06.08(Fri) ~ 2018.07.06(Fri)

    In the prehistoric age, humans not only lived for survival but also created a variety of artworks to enjoy life. We have prepared a prehistoric art program to show your love of the earth through your own piece of art. what is your way of showing your love for the earth?

  • 2018 Gyeonggi Dream School 《Hantangang Geology Expedition》 Young Experts on Geology Close
    • Venue/ Jeongok Prehistory Museum and Hantangang & Imjingang Geopark
    • Participants/ Elementary school students (grades 4-6), middle school students (grades 1-3), high school students (grades 1-2)
    • Period/ 2018.04.28(Sat) ~ 2018.11.03(Sat)

    Jeongok Prehistory Museum recruits the local students of elementary/middle/high schools who want to participate in the 2018 Gyeonggi Dream School 《Hantangang Geology Expedition》 and become young experts in geology.

  • 2018 Treasures of Angels for Young Children Close
    • Venue/ Education room, Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Participants/ Around 15 children, ages 6-7
    • Period/ 2018.04.17(Tue) ~ 2018.06.27(Wed)

    Jeongok Prehistory Museum offers the 2018 Treasures of Angels – Making Your Own Landscape for young children.

  • Museum in the Forest: Prehistoric Expedition Close
    • Venue/ Exhibition halls and outdoors, Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Participants/ Groups of children ages 6-7
    • Period/ 2018.04.12(Thu) ~ 2018.06.29(Fri)

    In this program, young children can learn to understand and experience the prehistoric age.

  • Exploring a Prehistoric Cave Close
    • Venue/ Education room, Jeongok Prehistory Museum
    • Participants/ Families with children
    • Period/ 2018.04.07(Sat) ~ 2018.11.25(Sun)

    Look into the murals in the cave at the museum, and draw your own mural.