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Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, Cultural Diversity ‘Isimjeonsim (以心傳心) Tacit Understanding’ Guide for Teaching Aids Rental
○ For-fee rentals are available to elementary schools, kindergartens, and daycare centers in Gyeonggi-do province for teaching aids, planned and developed by Gyeonggi Children’s Museum, for the purpose of raising positive awareness of other cultures through games and fairy tales, ideal for children living in an era of cultural diversity.

○ Cultural diversity educational aids ‘Isimjeonsim’ rental program supports preferentially multicultural classes in Gyeonggi-do province.
<Big Book>
Throughout role play by themselves, Children can recognize similarities and differences between the two countries’ traditional fairy tales, alongside a book combining traditional fairy tales from foreign countries with similar structures with traditional fairy tales from Korea.
▼ Composition (for Toddler 7 years old ~ Elementary school 3 grade are recommended)
– A rabbit and a turtle / Race between a deer and a snail (the Philippines)
– Heungbu and Nolbu/Gold Pit Silver Pit (Vietnam)
– Goblin bat/Ilchon Child (Japan)
– Gold axe silver axe/Deudari’s Gift (Indonesia)
– Kongjwi Patjwi/Story of Seobhan (China)
– A salt merchant and an oil merchant/Man of wisdom (Mongolia)
– Betting on eating rice cake/Three friends (Thailand)
<Travel Board Games>
– A game for learning about a variety of cultures with an integrated approach to various topics in relation to six countries
– Countries: Republic of Korea, China, Japan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia
▼ Composition
Travel board game Ⅰ: for toddlers and the lower grades of elementary school (1 set recommended for 4 persons)
Travel board game Ⅱ: for higher grades of elementary school (1 set recommended for 5 persons)

○ Rental Method: Log in to GGC members – Education/Event/Advance Reservation – Educational Aids rental request
※ Rental Fee: Free of charge (Free delivery)
○ Educational Aids request:
○ Rental period: 1st half, April 13th ~ July 5th, 2020 / 2nd half, August 31st ~ December 6th, 2020 (Rental period per class, 2 weeks)
○ Educational aids inquiry: Gyeonggi Children’s Museum Curator Han Myeonghui,
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