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Saturday Special Program for Families: The Farmer Who Wore a Mask and Became a Bull
This is a family educational experience program operating in connection with the activities in the “Treasure Hunt in Fairy Tale World” exhibition hall. The program, based on the plot of “The Farmer Who Wore a Mask and Became a Bull,” a folk tale of Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, combines hand puppet play and artistic activities (making a bull-shaped hand puppet).
Period and time
June 1 (Sat) to July 20 (Sat), 2019/ 13:30 and 14:30 on Saturdays

30 minutes
Education Room (2F)
14 families with children aged 4 or over
Participation fee

Registration from 12:00 to 13:20 on the day of program (by order of arrival, in front of the Education Room on 2F)
※ Registration for the first and second sessions needs to be completed at the above times.
※ Reserving/purchasing a ticket to the museum is required regardless of participation in the educational program. Only those who have a ticket to the museum can participate in the program.
※ On weekends, the ticket to the museum can be purchased only by online/mobile reservation. So, please book your ticket in advance if you wish to visit the museum during the weekend. Reservation web page: [Go to the page]
※ For more information or inquiries, please call +82-31-270-8635.
※ The above schedule is subject to change according to the circumstances of the museum.
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