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Celebrating the 20th anniversary, “the Gyeonggi-do Artist Support Center” will develop counseling for artists.
Celebrating the 20th anniversary, “the Gyeonggi-do Artist Support Center” will develop counseling for artists.
The Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation runs an artist consulting center to help support independence and creative work, as well as promoting artists’ rights.
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▶ It has long offered counseling concerning unfair practice, legal and/or psychological matters and in-person legal issues since 2019, to be extended this year.

Gyeonggi-do and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, since 2019, have run the ‘Gyeonggi Artist Consulting Center’ to help protect the rights of artists and support for independence.

For the establishment of a fair art ecosystem for artists in Gyeonggi-do and for creative artist work, we support people who have suffered from unfair activities, provide for legal affairs and offer psychological counseling, as well as counseling and consulting about copyright, contracts and administrative affairs. Also, in relation to promotion of the welfare of artists, we support by providing proof of art activities in art areas relevant to the Korean Artists Welfare Foundation. We also provide help for preparation for documentary evidence and online applications. Also, we offer psychological counseling for artists who need psychological and mental counseling. For this, we launched a local, designated counseling center for each area unit last year.

▶ We have a plan to install and manage support for independence, consulting and special counseling programs for young artists.

Especially, this year, we will proactively expand the areas relevant to artists’ counseling.
We promote ‘Young artist financial independence consulting’ and invite mentor artists or culture and art professionals to be counselors, to counsel artists in terms of their career and start-ups in the areas of culture and art. We also run a ‘Special Counseling Program’ through collaboration with other basic foundations, related institutions and art-related organizations.

Through these onsite counseling and extended consulting, the facilitation of the Gyeonggi Artist Consulting Center will ensure more convenient access and constant operations.

The Gyeonggi Artist Consulting Center is a counseling center only for artists, and support will be limited to artists only. The commonly applied requirement is that the artists must reside in Gyeonggi-do. As for counseling, only professional artists are supported, meaning that a candidate shall have received evidence of artistic activities (the Korean Artists Welfare Foundation) or must be able to prove that he/she is a professional artist.

A spokesperson from the Gyeonggi Artist Consulting Center said, “this year, we will promote more diverse and proactive programs. We will establish a counseling support system so that more artists can concentrate on their art.”

To apply, access the website of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation ( online or download the attached application file ( Otherwise, you can visit the Gyeonggi Artist Consulting Center located at the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Artist Support Center to apply.

※ As the governmental response to COVID-19 has been elevated to Alert, applications for visit-based counseling of artists will temporarily not be received. When this temporary period will end is still unknown and depends on conditions, indicated on the website. While visit-based application is closed, you can apply online or access to phone calls for counseling. In the future. the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Artist Support Center will do its best to protect the rights of artists and ensure stable creative work.

Temporary closing: Feb. 25, 2020 (Tue.) ~
□ Resuming point of time will be indicated on the website.
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