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Gyeonggi Artist Forum 2019
Artist Support Center, which was launched in 2019, has initiated various programs focusing on two pillars, ‘protection of artists’ rights’ and ‘support for artists’ independence’. At the forum, Artist Support Center will share achievements made in this year, and develop future missions and challenges that need to be met to advance the center toward its future direction. We look forward to your participation and interest in the forum, which will include various programs and lectures.
: 2019.12.11 (Wednesday) 14:00
: Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus Education 1964, Conference Hall and the entire 1st floor.
: Artists, art experts, representatives from affiliated organizations, and ordinary citizens interested in the topic
: Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Artist Support Center
Program structure
1) Session 1 – Pitching & Showcasing: Announcement of performances made by the artists selected for 2019 Gyeonggi-do Independence Funds for Young Artists and Independent Artistic Activity Fund

2) Session 2 – Presentation & Discussion: A review on Artist Support Center, presentation related to artist support policies, sharing successful cases of launching independent businesses, and discussion, and etc.

3) Connected programs Youth & PR: Individual exhibitions and promotional booths set up independently by the artists selected for 2019 Independence Funding for Young Artists (13 teams).
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