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Gyeonggi Museum of Art 2019 Cross-Genre Exhibition 《Image, Silhouette, and Motion》
Period/ 2019.05.23(Thu) ~ 2019.06.23(Sun)
Venue/ Special Exhibition Room, Gyeonggi Museum of Art
As part of the ‘2019 Cross-Genre Exhibition’, the Gyeonggi Museum of Art is launching an exhibition titled, ‘Image, Silhouette, and Motion’. The exhibition was planned to allow reflection on our surroundings and inner heart through animations, which create visual illusions through motions of image, and artistic contemplation of the artists.
《Image, Silhouette, and Motion》 shows videos and motions, which are elements that constitute animations, in a figurative way. ‘Elephant’ refers to form and imagination at the same time. ‘Shadow’ refers to a silhouette projected on the screen and the illusion created by it. ‘Wind’ means something that has a property of appearance and disappearance, that is, the element of motion in animations. Animation has an artistic value created by a combination of all of these elements. It has a property of causing an illusion through the movement of forms.
The artists participating in the exhibition use dynamic imagination that dives into the solemn reality and depicts current social phenomena or our inner mind that can be only captured by animation. The exhibition will offer you an opportunity to imagine, and ruminate on the present with a more dynamic and proactive attitude and perception.
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Gyeonggi Museum of Art
Samhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd., and SandollCloud
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