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2019 Random Access Project Vol.4 Park Seung-sun 《Neurospace》
Period/ 2019.07.18(Thu) ~ 2019.09.22(Sun)
Venue/ The connecting space and the mezzanine at Nam June Paik Art Center
The first project of 2019 Random Access, 《Neurospace》 by Park Seung-sun will be held from July 18. Countless sounds and scenes that we encounter everyday are never the same at any moment, and they are also interpreted according to individuals’ memories and experiences. How do you listen to a scene, and how do you draw a sound? The exhibition 《Neurospace》 captures the relationship between sound and recognition, differences in the way individuals recognize, and listen to, a scene, and the mechanisms that allow humans and computers to recognize sounds and scenes in their own way. Through the exhibition, the artist tries to suggest a scene as ‘a neurospace’ where the interaction between senses and recognition takes place.
About artist: Park Seung-sun has been exploring how humans can interact with nature or the universe through the medium of music/sound, creating artworks based on this. The artist utilizes deep-learning algorithms to capture the relationship with auditory sense and recognition, and errors that can be created from Artificial Intelligence. In addition to this, he introduces various works that dive into the mechanisms that allow humans and computers to recognize sounds and scenes in their own way.
2019 Random Access Project: In order to respect the wish of late Nam June Paik who wanted Nam June Paik Art Center to be a space for young artists, we are launching Random Access Project which is designed to introduce up-and-coming artists who share the experimental spirit of Nam June Paik and explores the latest trends in the contemporary media art. We have reorganized the project structure from the group exhibition format that the 2015 project was based on. The upcoming project will involve various new formats that allow us to connect with young artists throughout the art center including the connecting space and the mezzanine.
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