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Gyeonggi Paleolithic Era Series 1 《People of Uptown Jeongok-ri》
: 2019.11.08(Friday)~ 2020.06.28(Sunday)
: Jeongok Prehistory Museum
In 2021, Jeongok Prehistory Museum will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its establishment. To commemorate the 10th anniversary and shed new light on the Paleolithic sites discovered in Gyeonggi-do province, a special exhibition ‘Gyeonggi Paleolithic Era’ will be held. The first exhibition of the series, 《People of Uptown Jeongok-ri》, focuses on the late Paleolithic sites concentrated in Pocheon-si and Yeoncheon-gun of Gyeonggi-do province as well as Cheongwon-gun, which is an area around the middle to upper stream of Hantangang River that belongs to the administrative district of Gangwon-do province.
In the 2010s, when construction of a flood control dam for the Hantangang River dam was confirmed, a focused excavation survey was conducted around the district that was going to be submerged underwater for archaeological sites. As a result of the survey, a cluster of archaeological sites from the Upper Paleolithic Era was found around Hantangang River that goes through Gwanin-myeon in Pocheon-si. In particular, it was revealed through flake tools that the sites in Yongsujaewul in Jung-ri and Neulgeori mainly produced blades and microblades using tuff collected from the surrounding mountain and obsidian brought all the away from Baekdusan Mountain.
Based on the theme, ‘The culture of the Upper Paleolithic Era in the mid and upper part of Hantangang River’, the exhibition will introduce the world of flake tools to the audience in an easy way. Around 100 variations of flake tools jointly presented by Chuncheon National Museum and The Gyeore Institute of Cultural Heritage will be also a perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of stone tools. The interior design of the exhibition hall reflects the flow of stone tool production procedures which involves searching for good stone, and breaking the stone to make a tool. Walking throughout the exhibition hall will also make you feel like you are walking in a village in the midst of the Upper Paleolithic Era.
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