GGCF North

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Despite the lack of cultural infrastructure due to the government’s regulations and limitations on development, the northern part of GyeongGi-do has the potential to become a center for new growth, an outpost of Korea’s reunification, and a place where traditional culture is well preserved. Taking into account the unique characteristics of Northern GyeongGi-do, the office has played an important role as a platform for arts and culture, fostering young art specialists who will bring a new growth to the scene, supporting start-ups, and revitalizing the traditional culture in the region.

북부문화사업단 표입니다
북부문화사업단 l address. EZ bd. 51 219-gil Buyoun-ro Euijunbu-si Gyeonggi-do 11772
l tel. +82 31 876 5844
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