Local Culture

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Culture in daily life

To encourage GyeongGi-do residents to take an active role in their local culture, the GGCF has pursued projects to lay foundations to expand residents’ engagement with culture regularly in their daily lives. Through various projects, the GGCF is encouraging local residents to grow and serve as GyeongGi cultural leaders. Among these projects, the foundation is conducting a policy study on how culture is integrated into daily activities in order to develop cultural indicators, and it is working to build a cultural collaboration network that can bridge the information divide. It is also organizing a platform to build culture that can become an integral part of residents’ lifestyles by fostering creators and consumers of culture. Through the deployment of cultural and art groups, the foundation hopes to give citizens more opportunities to enjoy GyeongGi culture and to link cultural groups with related organizations. A series of analyses of culture in daily life has been designed to change common perceptions of a daily approach to culture and share the value and purpose of culture with the public.

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Cultural regeneration projects

The GGCF is pursuing a strategy of cultural regeneration projects based on three action items: discovery of local cultural resources, recreation of local hubs, and creation of each town’s culture. Through a project named Visible Town, the GGCF supports local activities by organizations and residents. G-Open Stu- dio : Artist Next Door discovers local cultural resources by sharing an artist’s working life with the public and archiving the process. To revive local hubs, the GGCF operates five creative centers in the province. To create each town’s cul- ture, the GGCF is laying a foundation for creative activities and assisting community members to rediscover the value of community. To that end, the foundation operates the Beolteo Culture Creation project, a venue that runs public design projects, community programs, and studies of towns and villages.

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