Munhwa Nuri Card Project Description

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2019 Munhwa Nuri Card Issuance and Use
The Munhwa Nuri Card is a card provided to basic livelihood security recipients and the second-lowest income bracket earners to allow them to enjoy culture and art, travel, and sports as part of a cultural welfare project to improve the quality of life and narrow the cultural gap (provides KRW 80,000 per person a year).

  • Host: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council of Korea, and Gyeonggi-do Province
  • Organizer: Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
  • Sponsor: Lottery Committee, Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Contact: Munhwa Nuri Card Customer Service Center 1544-3412
Issuance and Use Period
  • Issuance period: Feb. 1, 2019. – Nov. 30, 2019
  • Use period: Issuance date – Dec. 31, 2019
    ※ Any balance not used during the above period will disappear automatically (does not carry over and cannot be cashed out).
    ※ If there is no record that you have used the card for two years in 2019-2020 after it has been issued, you may not get the card in 2021.
  • Basic livelihood security recipients and the second-lowest income bracket earners age 6 or older (born before Dec. 31, 2013)
  • Basic livelihood security recipients: Recipients for livelihood, healthcare, housing, education, conditional recipients, and recipients for social security facilities
  • Second-lowest income bracket earners: Recipients of self-support benefits, disability benefits, child disability benefits, disability pensions, reduced out-of-pocket expenses, single-parent family benefits, those with second-lowest income bracket documentation, and family members except education benefit recipients (students)
    ※ The card can be issued to those who use sport class vouchers.
    ※ To have your card issued, your eligibility should be verified through Haengbok-E-eum (Ministry of Health and Welfare).
How to apply
  • Visit a nearby community service center (with your ID)
  • Go to the Munhwa Nuri website ( (apply after authenticating yourself with a public key certificate/cell phone)
  • Those who have their card issued after 2015 can recharge their card by calling 1544-3412 (since Mar. 1, 2019)
    ※ Recharging by phone can only recharge a previously issued card with a cell phone number under the owner’s name.
Where to use
  • You can use online/offline stores registered as partners for the Munhwa Nuri Card. You can search for them on the Munhwa Nuri website.

    ※ Things that should not be purchased with Munhwa Nuri Card
    – Cigarettes (stores who sell cigarettes inside cannot be registered as partners for the card)
    – Household goods and kitchen and bathroom consumables (household items, soap, detergents, cosmetics, air fresheners, tissue, and handmade products)
    – Any cashable voucher (gift certificate) (except: movie vouchers and concert vouchers)
    – Home appliances, non-essential health devices (massage chairs, etc.), and computer-related items
    – Clothes, fashion goods, accessories, and bedding (except: swimming suits, hanboks, and protective gear for sport activities)
Munhwa Nuri Card Q&As
  • Can I check the purchase history or balance of my Munhwa Nuri Card?
    – You can check it on the website (
    Call NH Bank Call Center (1644-4000) or visit a nearby NH Bank.
  • Can I charge my personal money onto my Munhwa Nuri Card in addition to the original benefits?
    – You can deposit your own money via the virtual account number on the front of the Munhwa Nuri Card (up to KRW 100,000 per transfer and up to KRW 2 million for the year).
    Any balance on the card can be withdrawn from any NH Bank in the country.
  • Can I combine several Munhwa Nuri Cards from my different family members into one card?
    – You can put them together only for members of the same household as registered on Resident Registration. You may apply for combining them by visiting a community service center or going to the Munhwa Nuri website.
  • What should I do if I lost my card?
    – Call NH Bank Call Center (1644-4000) to report that your card is lost and visit the website or community service center to apply for a new one.