• Korea-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition《Irony & Idealism》 3rd Rotation, Germany Close
    • Venue/ Kunsthalle Münster, Germany
    • Period/ 2018.05.27(Sun) ~ 2018.09.30(Sun)

    The 《Irony & Idealism》 Korea-Germany Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition (2017.9.28–12.03) that began at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in September 2017 and passed through the Seoul KF Gallery (2017. 12.14–2018. 1.13) will be open at the local museum Kunsthalle Münster in the NRW state of Germany in 2018.

  • Gyeonggi MoMA’s DDCA—Dongducheon Public Art Project Close
    • Venue/ Dongducheon Public Art Project
    • Period/ 2018.06.05(Tue) ~ 2018.07.12(Thu)

    In 2018, Dongducheon City (Mayor Oh Se-chang) and Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Director Choi Eunju) are preparing street art (graffiti) for structures in the special tourist zone, Bosang-dong, Dongducheon City. In particular, this project creates works on railroad bridge piers, for the first time in the country. They have become good examples of turning the gray concrete bridge posts into wonderful urban art. Dongducheon Public Art Project is a collaboration between the City and the Gyeonggi MoMA, which started in 2015 with Dongducheon K-Rock Village Project and has been producing results for four years.

  • 《MUR/MURS, la peinture au-delà du tableau》 Close
    • Venue/ Project Gallery in Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
    • Period/ 2018.04.19(Thu) ~ 2018.06.17(Sun)

    Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art holds Mur/Murs, la peinture au-delà du tableau as its first project exhibition in 2018, where you will be able to find murals created by French artists. The eight artists from France created their murals directly on the wall of the gallery to introduce French contemporary art from different angles. Having existed only as the background of pieces of art, the walls of the exhibition hall become core elements to the paintings through the various artistic practices of the artists.

  • GMoMA Media Collection : Single Channel Video 2000-2010 Close
    • Venue/ Project Gallery, GMoMA
    • Period/ 2018.03.16(Fri) ~ 2018.06.24(Sun)

    will project four to six videos on one screen in each of the three screenings using a conventional projector.

  • Art Is Forms Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
    • Period/ 2017.10.25(Wed) ~ 2018.08.19(Sun)

    We start to draw lines in our childhood when we are able to hold something in our hand. We come to be satisfied with how our line turns into a circle, rectangle, triangle, and shapes such as a star. We all have a memory of our childhood, drawing family in a sketchbook. Thus, a line is a trace of a hand’s movement, and the first picture by oneself.

  • Bin Woohyuk’s Luftzeichner (Air Painter) – Quantum Jump 2017, 4 Artists Relay Show Close
    • Period/ 2018.01.04(Thu) ~ 2018.02.18(Sun)

    Bin Woohyuk has worked on painting forests in silence so as to shut himself out from the pain that comes with a hard life. For the last five years, the ‘German forests’ that he has painted have been a symbolic space for calmness and healing, freeing the artist from the agitations and complicated mentalities that result from adverse circumstances and dark past memories.