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Quantum Jump 2018 4 Artists Relay Show : Hong Jangoh – Cosmic Scenery
Period/ 2018.08.07(Tue) ~ 2018.09.02(Sun)
Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery
2018 Four Artists Quantum Jump Relay Show : Hong Jangoh – Cosmic Scenery
2018. 8. 7 (Tues.) ~ 2018. 9. 2 (Sun.)
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggi Creation Center
The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art will open the second exhibition of the Quantum Jump 2018 4 Artists Relay Show with Hong Jangoh’s Cosmic Scenery. Hong Jangoh explored unconditional faith and group-oriented optical illusions concerning fictitious subjects, such as superstitions and myths, while unfolding humanity’s recognition system and the obscurity of humanity’s standard in distinguishing reality from fiction through aesthetic merriment. Hongs’ previous pieces started from a vague interest in outer space, and he used phenomena, stereotypes embedded in his conscience and patterns of familiar and odd objects that deliver the value of an empty original work (the substance) as something that is real, in order to use the everyday media to reveal the condition of obvious lies while exposing the little value that the substance of the hidden truths have. The Cosmic Scenery series will explore the physical phenomena and actual substances to recreate virtual still-life, which closely experiments with the vague border of truth and fiction to reach a conclusion of its essence. The artist applies an irregular calculation of a 3D graphic program to randomly place produced still-life in virtual space and expands the scope of visual perception through the instantaneous union of light.

Recognition of the essence and existence of an objective subject is the limitations of the scope of man’s experiential perception of the world and is simultaneously the intellect’s imagination, desire, disposition and customary rules regarding the mentioned subject in the process of formal perception and can only be dependent on the recognizer’s subjectivity. Yet, though it may seem impossible to entirely examine the substance with repetitive mistakes and limitations, Hong Jangoh fills the infinite empty space with aesthetic imagination and continuously presents substantiated work through visual means to put a halt to the dogmatic and blind gaze with merriment in order to help spectators look upon a greater number of things.
홍장오, 우주 정경, 2018, 혼합 재료 _ (1)
홍장오, 우주 정경, 2018, 혼합 재료, 가변 크기 _ (2)
홍장오, 우주 정경, 2018, 혼합 재료, 가변 크기 _ (3)
홍장오, 우주 정경, 2018, 혼합 재료, 가변 크기 _ (4)
홍장오, 우주 정경, 2018, 디지털프린트, 90x60cm
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