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2019 Gyeonggi Creation Center Special Residency Exhibition Homing Instinct
Period/ 2019.10.25(Fri) ~ 2020.01.31(Fri)
Venue/ 1F, Exhibition Hall, Creation Art Building, Gyeonggi Creation Center
Participating artists
Koo Soyoung, Kim Yong-hyun, Kim Eun-sol, Kim Jaeyoo, Kim Chaelin, Song Sung-jin, Lee Eon-jung, Lee Hyun-ji, Jeon Hee-kyung, Jung Min-jung, and Jung Jung-ho
The 2019 Gyeonggi Creation Center Special Residency Exhibition Homing Instinct is an exhibition put on by 11 in-residence artists, who have been leading educational programs at Gyeonggi Creation Center Creative Art School to stimulate cultural and artistic expression and creative thinking through art, a medium that encourages creativity most actively.

These 11 residency artists providing more than 200 art education classes on average per year to 4,000 participants, including people from culturally marginalized groups such as those with disabilities, students from correctional facilities, and other vulnerable groups as well as elementary, middle, and high school students, college students, and adults, to expand their opportunities to enjoy culture through educational programs, like the Creative Arts Camp and the Sang Sang Pong Dang! Art Sharing, of the Creative Art School Project.

This exhibition is designed to awaken residency artists’ artistic instincts, which have temporarily taken the back seat due to their running of the education project, and help them express who they are. By examining the artists’ original works, participants may deepen their understanding regarding the artists and of art education. Deepening art education is expected to develop into a public art project including an exhibition of artwork that artists and participants make together.
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