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《Artists Next Door 2019》 in Gimpo
Period/ 2019.06.01(Sat) ~ 2019.06.29(Sat)
Venue/ Gimpo
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation and Gimpo Cultural Foundation

barn jiha
Gimpo Cultural Foundation Exhibition Planning Team +82-31-996-7342
  • June 1: Different Ways of Life | Participating artists: Mun Yeong-tae, Hong Seon-ung and Hong Jeong-ae
  • June 8: What arts can do? | Participating artists: Kang Yeong-min and Jang Min-seung
  • June 15: The Private Lives of Things | Participating artists: Geum Min-jeong, Shin Chi-hyeon and Kim Jae-gak
  • June 22: Breath and Light | Participating artists: Jang Yong-seon and Cho Wan-hui
  • June 29: A Sketch of Our Travel to Gimpo | Participating artists: Shin Dal-ho and Kim Dong-nim
A living space where artists lead their life, a creative space that continuously evolves, sometimes functioning as a place open to pioneering artistic experiments. That’s an art studio. This year, the <G-Open Studio: Artist Next Door> project, which was launched in 2015, takes place in Gimpo, a city traversed by the tail of the Hangang River on its way to the sea, in cooperation with the Gimpo Cultural Foundation. This month of June, the project will introduce the studios of twelve artists nestled in this city. Application forms and detailed programs can be found on the project’s website (www.g-openstudio.co.kr).

※ <Artist Next Door> is a project that introduces Gyeonggi Province’s local artists who are enthusiastically pursuing their creativity through a program that enables them to share their everyday life with the public in their studios, which are important cultural assets of the community.