• Gyeonggi Museum of Art Special-Themed Exhibition 《Reading Glasses for Textbooks》 Close
    • Venue/ The permanent exhibition room at the Gyeonggi Museum of Art
    • Period/ 2019.05.29(Wed) ~ 2019.08.31(Sat)

    Celebrating Day with Culture, Gyeonggi Museum of Art is launching a special-themed exhibition focusing with historic relics that frequently appear in the history textbooks in order to approach a step closer to the audience in a friendly way.

  • A special exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of March 1st Movement 《My Dear Comrades, Do You Remember This Day?》 Close
    • Venue/ Special Exhibition Room at Gyeonggi Museum of Art
    • Period/ 2019.03.01(Fri) ~ 2019.08.31(Sat)

    The year 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement. In 1910, Japan integrated Korea with its nation with force, but the people of Korea did not succumb to this with the hope of regaining independence.

  • Culture day in October – Season 2 of the 2018 Theme-based Exhibition – Romance of the Goryeo Period that transcends nations Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Period/ 2018.10.02(Tue) ~ 2018.11.25(Sun)

    Toward the end of the Goryeo Period (918-1392), King Gongmin (r. 1351-1374) had to adopt the princess of the Yuan Dynasty of China as his wife in a lord-vassal relationship.

  • 《Goryeodogyeong A Visit to Corea by a Chinese Envoy 900 Years Ago》 Close
    • Venue/ MUSENET Exhibition Hall
    • Period/ 2018.07.26(Thu) ~ 2018.10.21(Sun)

    Gyeonggi Provincial Museum will open a special exhibition Goryeo Dogyeong, a Visit to Corea by a Chinese Envoy 900 Years Ago. This exhibition will be based on the theme of Goryeo dogyeong, a report of the official trip that the envoy Xu Jing (1091-1153) of the Chinese Song Dynasty gave in 1123 to the emperor after his visit to Goryeo as a member of the delegation. This book portrays the Goryeo society seen from a Chinese man’s perspective and vividly incorporates the products and customs of 12th century Goryeo, and the original manuscript contains writings and illustrations.

  • Jo Gwan-bin, A Stubborn Nobleman Rediscovered

    [Online Exhibition]

    The portrait of Jo Gwan-bin, the first academician of the Office of Special Advisers under the reign of King Yeongjo during the Joseon Period, is introduced for the first time at this exhibition. You can see by which steps the portrait was donated to the museum and how it was processed for preservation. Through the introductory remarks on the portrait written by Jo himself, light is shed on his life as a nobleman in the Joseon Period.

  • 《Gyeonggi 1000 Years Meet the Media, in Spring》 Special Exhibition Commemorating the 2018 Gyeonggi Millennium Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
    • Period/ 2018.04.18(Wed) ~ 2018.06.24(Sun)

    At Gyeonggi 1000 Years Meet the Media, in Spring, you can enjoy the medley of beautiful collections of the museum and modern media art. Today, the ways of expressing cultural properties have become more diversified as more people are interested in media.