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2019 Permanent Education Exhibition PICK ME: How to Use Materials
Period/ 2019.10.08(Tue) ~ 2020.02.02(Sun)
Venue/ Permanent Exhibition Space, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Participating artists:
Lee Jung-seob, Min Joung-ki, Park Neung-saeng, Lee Tae-soo, Hong Young-in, Peter Halley, Lee Yeoung-sup, Jung Hyun, Chung Seoyeong, Jeong Kwang-ho, Yoon Jung-hee, Bae Jong-heon, Rhee Jaye, Ham Kyung-ah Yoon Jeong-won, Kang Hoyeon, Kim Joon, Kang Bo-ra, Shin Mee-Kyoung, Simplex Architecture, CONCREATELAB, and zerolab
The types of materials used in contemporary art are limitless. With various technological changes and advances, there have been many corresponding changes to the materials that artists use. Various materials from those traditionally used which we are familiar with to objects from everyday life are used in art. The use of materials depends on an artist’s discoveries and their process.
Humans have the desire to express themselves. Everyone thinks and wants to share their thoughts with others. This desire to express oneself stimulates an artistic activity, and the artist delivers their thoughts through materials, colors, language, gestures, or sounds.

Archaeologists traced the first prehistoric petroglyph back to 15,000 or 16,000 years ago. People in the Old Stone Age scraped, painted, and sculpted animals on the walls of caves. This is considered humanity’s first expression. Even people during the Old Stone Age discovered, selected, and used materials to express their thoughts and desires. As such, humanity has discovered and selected materials that can satisfy the necessity of self-expression. Looking into materials to understand contemporary art can also be a fresh way to gain a new appreciation for artwork. The 2019 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Permanent Education Exhibition PICK ME: How to Use Materials asks two questions of contemporary artists and artwork: “How were the materials chosen?” and “Can this be a material used in art?”

Materials are used to make artwork, and they are chosen and used differently depending on the intended aesthetic of the artwork, what is to be expressed, and how the artwork will utilized. No material is artistically superior to others, because each material is discovered and chosen for its own reason and carrying its own significance.

While the physical medium was dominant in the 1970s, multi-media has been widely used since the 1980s. Now, the materials of media are reorganized as the medium. Contemporary art often uses mixed materials. This is because artists work transcends boundaries. Mixed material art refers to the use of different materials together, and contemporary artwork that is difficult to categorize into one form or another of art is often mixed material.

Going into the future, we expect to discover new materials and for artists to choose from materials, both traditional to contemporary, to create an even greater variety of art. We hope you enjoy the wide range of materials presented by the artists and have a good time newly discovering and selecting materials.
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