• Yesterday, Tomorrow OUTDATED FUTURE Close
    • Venue/ GyeonGi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery
    • Period/ 2020.10.13(Tue) ~ 2021.01.17(Sun)

    GyeonGi Cultural Foundation GyeonGi Museum of Modern Art (Director Mihee Ahn) will hold the final project 《Yesterday, Tomorrow》 of the 2020 Youth Artists Exhibition at the Project Gallery from October 13, 2020 to January 17, 2021. This exhibition is part of , a collaborative project that GyeonGi Museum of Modern Art has steadily promoted with GyeonGi Creation Center since 2015. This year's resident artist Kwantaek Park is selected and presented.

  • [Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art] 2020 Permanent Educational Exhibition 《Painting》 Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
    • Period/ 2020.04.28(Tue) ~ 2020.11.29(Sun)

    From ancient history, humans have drawn pictures. From ancient to modern humans, we have expressed ourselves throughout painting, perhaps even prior to language.

  • 《PICK ME: How to Use Materials》 A docent program for children, Close
    • Venue/ 2F Permanent Education Exhibition Hall, Gyeonggi Museum of Art
    • Participants/ Up to 10 children
    • Period/ 2019.11.19(Tue) ~ 2020.02.02(Sun)

    This is a docent program for children where they use an activity sheet containing various activities and epilogues to explore modern contemporary artworks created by using various materials.

  • 《Space of the Strings》, a space experience program for ‘The Strings Close
    • Participants/ Up to 5 children between 7 and 13.
    • Period/ 2019.11.19(Tue) ~ 2020.02.02(Sun)

    In this program, you can directly experience and feel the artwork of Pavilion, ‘The Strings’.

  • Quantum Leap 2019 Relay Duo Exhibition: Park Mi-ra 《The Waves at Night》 Close
    • Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Art Project Gallery
    • Period/ 2019.11.19(Tue) ~ 2020.01.19(Sun)

    Quantum Leap is a collaborative program introduced by the Gyeonggi Museum of Art and Gyeonggi Creation Center in 2015 to support creative activities of young artists and present them with opportunities to introduce experimental artworks that have potential.

  • 2019 Permanent Education Exhibition PICK ME: How to Use Materials Close
    • Venue/ Permanent Exhibition Space, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
    • Period/ 2019.10.08(Tue) ~ 2020.02.02(Sun)

    The types of materials used in contemporary art are limitless. With various technological changes and advances, there have been many corresponding changes to the materials that artists use.